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Mobile Resources Selected by the MSK Library: Clinical

Mobile apps and resources for physicians, biomedical researchers, nurses, and other medical professionals. Android, iPad, and iPhone devices covered.

About Clinical Mobile Library Resources

Mobile resources of interest to clinicians are described on this page. They are categorized as follows: databases, e-books, journals, calculators & diagnostic tools, drug resources, PubMed mobile resources, trials, websites, and guidelines.

The devices on which the resource can be accessed or downloaded are named to the right of the resource. If the resource provider charges a fee, it is indicated by the $ sign.

We welcome your suggestions for additional clinical mobile resources to add to this site, and a box is provided to do so in the lower right corner.

PubMed Mobile Resources

Databases, Clinical

Journals, Clinical

e-Books, Clinical

Websites, Clinical

Drug Resources, Clinical

Calculators & Diagnostic Tools, Clinical

Trials, Clinical

Guidelines, Clinical