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Podcasts: Welcome

About Podcasts

Welcome to the Podcasts LibGuide. This guide suggests a range of podcasts that may be of interest to the MSK community. Podcasts are one way to monitor current news in your field, hear stories and commentary from experts and authors, or stay entertained on your commute.

Podcasts are generally audio files that can be listened to using special software (including iTunes, or podcast apps like Downcast). Podcasts are regularly produced shows, or series of episodes which can be subscribed to, downloaded individually (to a computer or mobile device) or streamed (with an internet connection). Depending on your device and settings, new episodes can be automatically downloaded to your device when they become available. Some podcasts are produced as video files.

This guide focuses on free audio podcasts and is not meant to be an exhaustive list. Please contact me with suggestions, questions or concerns. Your comments and feedback on this guide are most welcome. 

Thank you,

Christine Beardsley
Librarian, Document Delivery Service
Editor-in-Chief, MSK Library Blog


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