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Systematic Review (SR) Service: Getting Started

Collaborate with a MSK Research Informationist to publish your Systematic Review.

Research Informationist as Co-Investigator

The research informationist as co-investigator is committed to collaborating and supporting the following Systematic Review tasks:

  • Determine if a systematic review has already been done on your topic.
  • Translate the research question into an appropriate search strategy.
  •  Explore registering your systematic review in PROSPERO. (Authors should check with the journal they wish to submit their manuscript to, to confirm whether or not protocol registration is required).
  • Translate the search concepts into controlled vocabulary and keywords so that retrieval is maximized at the same time as being precise. The search strategy is also reviewed by another research informationist based on the PRESS 2015 Guideline. Peer-review of the search strategies using this methodology enhances the quality and comprehensiveness of the final search strings used.
  • Recommend specific databases and other information sources to be searched.
  • Conduct the literature searches.
  • Provide training to your administrative staff or designated team member in how to access full text articles or request them via MSK Document Delivery. Help obtain or verify any references found from hand searching or other venues.
  • Provide guidance and support regarding bibliographic management tools.
  • Provide a Covidence account to assist with screening and managing steps in the systematic review process. You can create your personal sign-in with Covidence before or after joining the MSK Library's institutional account.
  • Write the literature search methodology section for the submitted manuscript.
  • Maintain records of search results and follow up with alerts and updates as needed.

Documents for Researchers

MSK Systematic Review Classes

Several classes are available to our users to learn more about how to conduct systematic reviews. Check our calendar for current offerings or feel free to contact us to schedule a custom class time for you or your team (virtual or in-person).  

Current offerings include:

  • Introduction to Systematic Reviews (60 to 75 mins) -  Getting started with a systematic review, but not sure where to start? This class will showcase the basics of the systematic review process, plus key systematic review tools, resources, and guidelines.
  • Covidence (60 mins) - This web-based software platform streamlines the production of systematic reviews and supports key project steps such as: Citation screening, Full text review, Risk of Bias assessment, Extraction of study characteristics/outcome, and Export of data and references.

We also offer a workshop (Demystifying the Systematic Review Process, 4 to 4.5 hrs). This workshop and can be given as one session or broken down into a series of sessions, depending on the availability of the group.  To learn more about this workshop or to schedule a date that works for your team, please contact Donna Gibson.