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Sloan Kettering Open Access Publication (SKOAP) Fund: Overview

Supporting our authors by underwriting the article processing fee for open access journal publications.


The Memorial Sloan Kettering Open Access Publication (SKOAP) Fund will underwrite reasonable article processing fees for open access journals when funds are not otherwise available. The fund is administered by the MSK Library and Research and Technology Management.

The traditional economic model for scholarly publishing - journal subscription fees covering journal production costs - is undergoing destabilization by cultural, technological and economic forces. The number of journals has increased to the point that no library can afford to subscribe to all journals where relevant work appears. Additionally, the prices of prestigious journals have risen to levels that many libraries can no long afford to pay, even while publication costs have gone down in the age of the Internet.

In response to these problems, scholars, institutions and libraries have come together to explore alternative models for disseminating research as widely as possible. Open access journals, in which authors, funders, foundations, and now institutions, underwrite journal publication costs, is the model supported by the Compact for Open-Access Publishing Equity, with the goal of providing unrestricted access to scientific and medical literature for all who need or want it.

Why did Memorial Sloan Kettering join the Compact for Open-Access Publishing Equity?
In an age of increasing reliance on scientific and medical literature, MSK is proud to have joined some of the nation’s premier research institutions in setting aside funds to promote the publication of research results in open access journals. Open access journals are those for which authors, rather than subscribers and readers, pay publication costs, making research available to all who want or need access. As journal subscription prices increase, access to critical scientific and medical literature becomes difficult or impossible for many clinicians, researchers, and healthcare professionals to view.

Be an Advocate
If you believe that publishing in open access journals in order to provide unrestricted access to your research is important, please let us know. The MSK Library promotes open access and we look for opportunities to share our authors’ thoughts on this initiative.

Contact and Support
To learn more about the SKOAP Fund, or share your comments about this program, please contact the SKOAP Administrators via email: Donna Gibson, Director of Library Services or Debra Schaller-Demers, Director, Research Outreach and Compliance.




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