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MSK Makerspaces: Overview

MSK Makerspaces


By definition, a "makerspace" is an area configured to encourage user engagement and innovation; a place where ideas can be explored; a DIY space where people can gather to create, invent and learn. 

This LibGuide includes the various departments and individuals at MSK that are working on leveraging technology in creative ways to support our mission and commitment to education, patient care and innovative research.  

Our goals for the MSK Makerspace Initiative are to: 

  1. Foster play and exploration
  2. Encourage informal learning 
  3. Support peer-to-peer learning and sharing
  4. Develop a culture of creating

See the Makerspace Resources page for suggested websites, spaces, news articles and scholarly publications.

MSK Maker Community

The MSK Maker Community is a loosely organized group whose purpose is to share their talents, skills, knowledge, experience, and passion for making "things" for the purpose of helping each other grow as well as to collaborate on projects of varying complexity. Projects may involve various aspects and components such as industrial design, user interface, software, electronics, mechanical design, sensors, and others. Some examples are apps (software) for mobile devices, PCs, and standalone or networked devices (internet-of-things); hardware for robots of all kinds (not necessarily in humanoid form); automated lab equipment; etc.

Meetings are held, for MSK staff and students only, every third Thursday of the month at 12:00 PM in Zuckerman.  For more information, see the Maker Community on Datapedia (must be on site or VPN to access).

OneMSK Spheres

Several spheres exist on OneMSK to help you stay informed and share your thoughts with the MSK community.  You must be on site or VPN to access the following:

@[Maker Community]
@[3D Printing]
@[Emerging Technologies]
@[Wearable technologies]

Click on "Follow Sphere" to add these posts to your newsfeed on OneMSK.

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