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Nursing Journal Clubs: Getting Started: Step by step

Developing a Journal Club

Journal Clubs are a great way to connect with colleagues and discuss trends and topics in your profession. It allows for individuals to meet regularly and critically analyze the literature in your specialty. The experience will enhance your knowledge and skills while learning about the latest evidence. Here are some steps to get you started:

Step 1: Select a Leader to Organize the Journal Club - this should be a committed individual who is willing to organize and run these sessions, perhaps in a more leadership position like nurse manager, nurse practitioner, nurse educator or other senior staff member.

Step 2: Create Goals for the Journal Club Project - goals can range from simply learning how to critique articles to delving into the literature for evidence to support change in practice.

Step 3: Identify the Audience - this can be members of a unit or by department specialty.

Step 4: Select a Time and Place to Meet - could be once a month during lunch time in a hospital conference room or at an area cafe.

Step 5: Partner with Your Library to Select Articles to Review - connect with the Library for article selections and additional training in article critiquing.

Step 6: Create Forms for Summarizing/Analyzing Your Articles - contact the Library for assistance with creating documents for literature critique.

Step 7: Market and Promote Your Journal Club - post and email announcements about the journal club.

Step 8: Hold Your First Meeting - encourage and motivate your participants to provide discussion and don't forget to invite your clinical librarian.

Step 9: Evaluate Your Journal Club - at each session gather feedback from the particpants. Handout or email a survey.

Step 10: Make Adjustments, If Necessary - depending on your survey results, consider making changes to these sessions.


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