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Evidence-Based Practice: Overview


This LibGuide is meant to provide an overview of Evidence Based Practice, including links, worksheets, and other relevant information related to each of the steps of the EBP process. This guide provides definition and scope of EBP, resources for finding the best available evidence, analyzing the evidence, and applying it to practice.


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The Seven Steps of Evidence-Based Practice

Step 0 - Cultivate a spirit of inquiry within an EBP culture and environement

Step 1 - Ask the burning clinical question in PICOT format

Step 2 - Search for and collect the most relevant best evidence

Step 3 - Critically appraise the evidence (i.e. rapid critical appraisal, evaluation, synthesis, and recommendations)

Step 4 - Integrate the best evidence with one's clinical expertise and patient preferences and values in making a practice decision or change

Step 5 - Evaluate outcomes of the practice decision or change based on evidence

Step 6 - Disseminate the outcomes of the EBP decision or change

Source: Melnyk BM. Implementing the Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Competencies in Healthcare : A Practical Guide to Improving Quality, Safety, and Outcomes. ; 2016. (Table 1.2, p. 11)

EBP Resources

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