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Kendra Godwin's Profile Page: Profile - Kendra Godwin, Reference Services

Kendra's Responsibilities

As a Research Informationist I support Memorial Sloan Kettering's mission with expertise in advanced search techniques, evidence-based practice, research support, and education.

My role involves being the Liaison for Interventional Radiology (providing support for searches, research projects, current awareness, and training), a member of the Systematic Review Service (assisting teams with all stages of evidence synthesis, from crafting a research question to collecting data to publishing), and a part of library leadership special projects and marketing efforts.

Kendra's Office Hours

Happy to chat about projects or ways I can be of help!

I'm generally available 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

Reach out via Teams, email, or (646) 823-6143 to schedule an appointment for a research consultation, search strategy guidance, or collaborative projects.

About Kendra


  • Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Los Angeles, CA
  • Bachelor of Arts in English, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR

Selected Affiliations:

  • Medical Library Association (MLA)
    • Cancer Librarians Caucus
      • Immediate Past Chair, Program Chair, and Community Council Representative, 2021-2022
      • Member, Cancer Disparities Task Force, 2020-2021
      • Chair, Program Chair, and Community Council Representative, 2020-2021
      • Chair-Elect and Program Chair, 2019-2020
      • Cancer Librarians Representative for the Clinical Support Domain Hub Startup Workgroup, 2019
    • Clinical Librarians and Evidence-Based Healthcare Caucus
    • Social Justice and Health Disparities Caucus
    • User Experience Caucus

All Publications:

Selected MLA Caucus Work:

  • Godwin K, compiler. Core cancer library 2021, 5th edition [bibliography on the Internet]. Chicago (IL): Medical Library Association, Cancer Librarians Caucus; 2021 Jan [cited 2021 Jan 21]. 46 p. Available from:

Selected Presentations:

  • Godwin K. Communicating the concept and value of open science. Poster session presented at: MLA ’18: Medical Library Association 118th Annual Meeting and Exhibition; 2018 May 18–23; Atlanta, GA.
  • Godwin K. Introducing hospital librarians to clinical data management. Lightning talk presented at: MLA ’16: Medical Library Association 116th Annual Meeting and Exhibition; 2016 May 13–18; Toronto, Canada.

Research Informationist

Profile Photo
Kendra Godwin
Mobile: (646) 823-6143
Reference: (212) 639-7439