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Infectious Diseases: Home

Infectious Disease resources for the MSK community, including clinicians, patients, and the general public.


Welcome to the Infectious Diseases LibGuide! This LibGuide is an overview of infectious diseases and a variety of resources available through the MSK Library. It is designed for patients and caregivers as well as clinicians.

Your librarian,

Lindsay Boyce
Research Informationist III

Table of Contents

What's an Infectious Disease?

Overview of the types of infectious diseases and their modes of transmission


Descriptions and examples of the four main families of pathogens (bacteria, virus, fungi, and parasite)


Descriptions and examples of antimicrobial agents, including antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals, and antiparasitics.


Resources for clinicians and the general public on infectious diseases


Clinical and basic science textbooks on infectious disease, as well as texts specially for pediatrics, emerging/tropical diseases, infection control, and more


Clinical and basic science journals on infectious disease, as well as more focused journals on virology, microbiology, infection control, etc

Infection Control

Resources, guidelines, and special precautions for infection control in a variety of settings, including healthcare facilities, workplaces, home, etc