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MSK Library Space Closure

This guide provides information on the closure of the MSK Library's physical space at 430 E 67th St.


The MSK Library's physical space at 430 E 67th St is now closed in preparation for the construction of MSK's new cancer care Pavilion.

With this closure, you, our users, have questions for us.

This guide is a work in progress to reflect this developing situation. We will be frequently updating information here, and we hope you will be able to find answers.

Look to this page for updates, to FAQs for frequently asked questions (including a list of alternate workspaces both on and off main campus), and to Contact Us for the various ways you can reach Library staff.

Closed Space, Continued Support

The MSK Library's services are online for the foreseeable future, and we are here for you with continued support.

While we know how much our users value visiting us in person, and we hope to have a new physical space in the future, we are confident we can meet many of our users' needs virtually, much like we did in March-October 2020.

If at anytime you are not able to find something you need, we are here to help! Please Ask Us.