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Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Resources: 2022

This LibGuide contains links to resources of use to the Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Department of MSKCC

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Grand Rounds - Selected Bibliographies

January 14, 2022 -  Navigating Patient Expectations and Experiences in the Context of Precision Oncology


January 28, 2022 -  Closing the Global Divide in Access to Palliative Care and Pain Relief


February 11, 2022 -  Multimodal Prehabilitation for People on Cancer Treatment


February 25, 2022 -  Neurocognitive Impairment with Cancer: Addressing Couple and Family Challenges 


March 25, 2022 -  Suicidal Ideation and Behavior in Cancer Patients: Case Reports and a Discussion 


April 8, 2022 -  Piecing the puzzle together: Our efforts to develop culturally relevant cancer communication for Indian oncologists, patients and their caregivers 


April 22, 2022 -  Engaging, Motivating, and Changing Behavior: Lessons From Melanoma Prevention Efforts To Reduce Use Of Indoor Tanning Beds


May 6, 2022 -  Improving Outcomes for Cancer Patients in Low- and Middle-Income Countries


May 13, 2022 -  Preventing and Managing High Risk Adolescent Behavior

May 20, 2022 -  The Dance of Living with Advanced Cancer: Knowing How to Follow and When to Take the Lead in Adolescent and Young Adult End-of-Life Discussions 

June 10, 2022 -  LGBTQ+ Cancer: Equity Moves for 2022 


October 7, 2022 -  FIPOL: An International Effort to Support Latino Psycho-oncology Research and Capacity Building 

October 21, 2022 -  Depression Screening in Health Care Settings: The DEPRESSD Project

November 4, 2022 -  Embedding COMMUNITY Into Oncology Care


November 18, 2022 -  Implementation Science to Advance Evidence-Based Practices in Tobacco Control


December 16, 2022 -  Female Sexual Health and Cancer: A biopsychosocial approach to common concerns in female breast and gynecological cancer patients