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Climate Crisis

This guide provides information, resources, and data on the climate crisis

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What is the Climate Crisis?

IPCC Assessment

U.S. National Climate Assessment

WMO Global Update

Overview of the climate crisis, including formation and resources on national and international assessments on the state of the climate and ways to mitigate the damage already done
Climate Disasters

U.S. Climate Disasters

Global Climate Disasters

Information and resources on climate-related disasters (severe storms, flooding, wildfires, etc.), including data on "billion-dollar disasters"
Impacts of Climate Change

Extreme Weather

Ecological Devestation


Humanitarian Crises

Pathogens & Disease


Information and resources on the broad impacts of climate change on many aspects of life on earth
The Anthropocene   Information and resources on how human activity has changed the earth to such a degree that we have now entered a new geological epoch, The Anthropocene
Climate Action

Paris Agreement

Kyoto Protocol

Information and resources on how humanity is taking action to mitigate climate change, including the Paris Agreement and the Kyoto Protocol
Climate Inequalities   Information and resources on how climate change leads to further global and regional inequalities



Sustenance (Food, Water)


Information and resources on sustainability and living sustainably to help the planet
Resources, News, & Evidence   Resources, news, evidence and literature on climate change and it's impacts