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Climate Crisis

This guide provides information, resources, and data on the climate crisis

Impacts of Climate Change

As global temperatures continue to rise, and fossil fuels continue to spew greenhouse gases into our atmosphere, life as we know it on Earth will never be the same. Yes this summer has had continuous record-breaking heat. But this could be one of the coolest summers of the rest of your life.

Climate Crisis on Earth

The climate crisis (also referred to as a "climate emergency") is the decisive tipping point of climate change, seen as the "point of no return" where the future of life on earth is in peril. In October 2022, at the 30th anniversary of the initial publication of the "World Scientists' Warning to Humanity", a second update to the climate emergency declaration concluded that "We are now at 'code red' on planet Earth."

The New "Abnormal"

According to Michael Mann, a climate scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, "we must stop calling this a 'new normal. It's a 'new abnormal' and it is now playing out in real time — the impacts of climate change are upon us in the form of unprecedented, dangerous extreme weather events. And it will only get worse and worse as long as we continue to burn fossil fuels and generate carbon pollution."

Unless humanity recognizes that these disasters aren't entirely "natural" — and indeed are caused by human influence on the climate — and act accordingly, humanity faces a future of horrid heatwaves and the consequent "increased risk on water, energy, and food sectors in critical geographical regions."