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Artificial Intelligence: MeSH Search Tips

The intersection of AI, healthcare, cancer research, and publishing

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MeSH Tips

View a current list of PubMed citations indexed under "Artificial Intelligence"[MeSH]. 

To learn more about MeSH, register for an upcoming PubMed workshop or consult a Research Informationist.

PubMed Subject Search: How it Works (4:04 min)

PubMed Search Tips

Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) make finding articles on a particular topic easier for the searcher. Regardless of how different authors from around the world choose to refer to a concept in their published works, PubMed's search interface will try to map the search terms entered to an appropriate subject heading. If you type in a concept that matches a MeSH header or an entry term listed on that header page, PubMed will map your term to the MeSH term. 

In other words, whether you search for Machine Intelligence, Computer Reasoning, or Artificial intelligence, PubMed will map you to the preferred umbrella term (ie. subject heading), "Artificial Intelligence"[MeSH].

Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) Hierarchy

To access the database of MeSH terms, either select MeSH from the search box dropdown or MeSH Database from the homepage. Learn more about searching MeSH and PubMed in an online tutorial or sign up for a PubMed workshop in the Library.

All MeSH terms are arranged in a hierarchy. Unless you click "Do not include MeSH terms found below this term in the MeSH hierarchy" on the MeSH header page, your search will include the term you selected plus all other terms listed below it.

Artificial Intelligence is listed below the term "Algorithms":

Algorithm MeSH Header


Depending on the focus of your search, you may wish to search for "Algorithms"[MeSH] to include this broader concept related to AI.

You may also wish to select one or more specific types of Artificial Intelligence rather than the term Artificial Intelligence plus all the terms below it. You can click the plus signs (+) next to terms to see the full list of vocabulary and to get ideas for keywords to add to your search alongside the MeSH header(s).

If Radiomics is your focus, it is not included in the hierarchy above. It was added as a subject term in 2024 under "Diagnostic Imaging."