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Nursing Resources: Find Clinical Trials

Finding clinical trials from registries

Finding clinical trials with published results:

A broad therapy search will retrieve clinical trials, if you are interested in Randomized Clinical Trials (RCTs) only, you can change the scope from broad to specific/narrow.

The records are pulled mainly from PubMed and Embase. 

In the advanced search, you can select “Studies with Results” to retrieve only studies where the results have been reported:

Finding clinical trials for COVID-19

“Trialstreamer is an artificial intelligence system, which finds and summarises new trial publications, registrations, and preprints in COVID-19.”

A real-time dashboard of clinical trials for COVID-19 developed by Thorlund, Kristian, et al.

“Anticovid is an open access platform which gathers all available information regarding global clinical trials for SARS-CoV 2.”

Clinical trials at MSKCC

For information on clinical trials at MSKCC, please visit the following page:

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