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Remote Access with OpenAthens

What is OpenAthens?

OpenAthens is an identity and IP-based authentication system that provides access to the Library's licensed online resources via single sign-on (SSO) technology. It is replacing our previous system, EZproxy. 

Why did we change services?

OpenAthens offers increased security and control of library resources, reduces service interruptions, and allows library users to access e-resources across library databases and publisher websites with just one login. OpenAthens offers single sign-on, integrated with MSK’s authentication service, to access the library’s subscription-based content.

Do I need to login when I am on campus?

No, OpenAthens will recognize MSK onsite IP ranges. 

Do I need to login when on VPN?

Yes, OpenAthens will not recognize MSK’s VPN IP ranges. 

How do you access Library resources remotely (on or off VPN) via the library website?

Users accessing online resources via any library website (ONESEARCH, eJournals, Databases) will be prompted to sign in via MSK – Secure Login. 


How do you access Library resources remotely (on or off VPN) directly from content provider websites (i.e., ScienceDirect, Wiley, Ovid, Springer Nature)?

When visiting a publisher website that supports OpenAthens, you should see an OpenAthens login form similar to the image below. The form will ask you to identify your home institution. To log in, ignore any Username or Password fields and search for Memorial Sloan Kettering via the institutional lookup field. From there, log in using your MSK credentials. If the MSK Library subscribes to the resource you are trying to access, you should be given access to the resource. 

Will the login link or screen look the same for all resources?

No, the login may differ by publisher website. Look for login links, usually in a menu at the top of the screen. The login may also ask you to select your Federation. Your Federation is OpenAthens. For example, below is the login process for Wiley Online Library.  

What is my Federation?

OpenAthens Federation. 

What happens if I change devices or use a different browser? Will OpenAthens remember me?

OpenAthens uses cookies to remember your device’s IP address. If you change web services – from Firefox to Chrome or Internet Explorer – you will be asked to login again. Additionally, if you change devices, like from a laptop to a mobile phone, you will be asked to login again.

What happens if I clear my cookies daily, weekly, or monthly?

You will be asked to login again.

My saved links or bookmarks to the Libraries' resources no longer work. What should I do?

The best solution is to create a new bookmark following these steps: 

  1. Start from the Library homepage ( 

  1. Search for and locate the saved or bookmarked resource in the library collection. 

  1. Save a new link or bookmark using the permalink provided by the database or publisher website. 

  1. You can also use the OpenAthens Link Generator to create an OpenAthens link to the resource. 

What if I have other questions about authenticating to MSK library resources