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Responsible Authorship: Conflict of Interest (COI): Overview

Understand responsible authorship practices. This guide focuses on Conflict of Interest and outlines the journals/publishers that the MSK author community submit their research manuscripts to for publication.

Overview - Conflict of Interest

A research publication provides the standard route to disseminate research findings within the scientific and medical community, and beyond. When a manuscript is submitted for publication, this action carries with it social and ethical responsibilities on the part of the author(s). 

Conflict of Interest (COI) statements are required from authors and adds to research transparency and addresses any potential concerns of research bias based on financial or personal gains. Financial disclosures can include compensation for expert opinions, consultation fees or any long-standing consulting agreement, honoraria, stock options/ownership, or pending patent applications. Full disclosure would include grants or industry-sponsored funding. By acknowledging these sources, the author(s) can avoid any criticism of trying to conceal potential COI.

This Library Guide provides an overview of the top publishers MSK authors work with and the journals they most frequently submit their manuscripts to for publication. In addition, helpful resources have been provided along with MSK's policy on COI and guidance for COI statements to aid our authors in their scholarly communication activities.

For questions or additional information, don't hesitate to reach out to the following individuals.

Manuscript Submission to Journals and their COI Requirements:
* Robin O'Hanlon, Associate Librarian, User Services

Journal COI Requirements and MSK Conflict of Interest Program:

* Julia M. Zipper (, Vice President, Compliance, Conflict of Interest Program, Corporate Compliance and Internal Audit

MSK Authorship Guidelines (requirements/criteria for authorship):

* Julia M. Zipper (, Vice President, Compliance, Corporate Compliance and Internal Audit

Acknowledgement of Financial Support / COI Disclosure

The following is a sample acknowledgement.

Dr. [YOUR NAME],  [YOUR TITLE, e.g. Attending Physician], Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, has received financial support related to this research from  [NAME OF COMPANY OR ORGANIZATION] for service as [YOUR ROLE, e.g. scientific advisor, board member, speaker, consultant, etc.]

NOTE: The acknowledgement should consider not only service but whether other compensation was in the form of a grant, philanthropy/gift, stock options/equity, patent/licensing royalties, travel, etc.

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