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MSK Advanced Practice Providers Resources

This guide is designed to provide library resources and information directed toward MSK's advanced practice providers.

About this Guide

This guide provides a collection of resources and information to support MSK's advanced practice providers in patient care, research, publishing, and other library-related aspects.

Table of Contents

Section Page Content
MSK Library Resources

Library Services

Remote Access


Education & Training

Literature Databases

This section includes the array of resources, services, and training provided by the MSK Library and the MSK Librarians to support APPs with patient care, research, and education
Clinical Support

Mobile Applications

Practice Guidelines

This section includes clinical support resources provided through the MSK library, including point of care tools, databases, mobile applications, and practice guidelines
Research Support

Citation Management


Data & Data Management

This section includes information and resources to support research and publishing provided through the MSK library, including citation management software, the MSK Research Data Management Service, the MSK Systematic Review Service, NIH Public Access Policy, and more
Evidence Based Practice

Finding Evidence

Levels of Evidence

Critical Appraisal

Integrating Evidence

This section includes information and resources on evidence based practice, including PICO, searching the literature, critical appraisal and integrating evidence into practice