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Patient and Health Care Consumer Education Guide: Finding Clinical Trials

Guiding patients, family members, caregivers, consumers, and the larger MSK community to cancer information.

This page is for those who want to learn about clinical trials or find specific cancer clinical trials to participate in.

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Clinical Trials and You

Cancer clinical trials are research studies that test new cancer treatments to see how well they work, and for some patients with a cancer diagnosis they can be treatment options.

As trials are only one part of the cancer care experience, it is something to ask your doctor about, a conversation to have with your care team.

Cancer Disparities

There are sometimes cancer disparities, differences or a lack of equality, between population groups. One way researchers are exploring this is through improved representation in cancer clinical trials.

Learn more about this in the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Cancer Disparities Progress Report 2022, specifically the section Disparities in Clinical Research and Cancer Treatment.

Clinical Trial Registries

If you are interested in searching for clinical trials that you or someone else might be able to participate in, here are two registries to start with, one specific to cancer and one in general:

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Clinical Trials and Cancer

If you are interested in further information about clinical trials for cancer:

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