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Resources, Publications, and Research on Telemedicine for Healthcare Practitioners

Overview of Telemedicine

Telemedicine involves the use of remote telecommunications to deliver health services. Interactive consultation and diagnosis are possible. Although some of the earliest uses of telemedicine were to monitor heart failure patients, it has expanded into nearly all medical specialties. In cancer care it has been used for skin tumor screening, managing cancer patients' pain and depression, and post-surgical symptom alerts, among other services. It grew widely in usage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Are you a patient or caregiver?

MSK offers telemedicine visits, during which patients have the option of using secure video technology to connect with their care team for some of their appointments. Learn more about being an MSK patient.

Have more questions about telemedicine? The American Cancer Society and offer detailed overviews in relation to cancer care, and MedlinePlus provides general information and links to additional resources.