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COVID Impacts

Detailed information and resources on the long-term health consequences of COVID-19 infection and the broad social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic

Cutaneous Manifestations

Hair Loss

Telogen Effluvium (TE) is a hair and scalp disorder characterized by excessive hair shedding that leads to hair thinning and hair loss. Alopecia Areata (AA) is an autoimmune disorder that causes the immune system to attack hair follicles and leads to hair loss.

"Covid Toes"

“COVID toes” are a new phenomenon of pernio-like lesions that has been associated with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) infection. Pernio, also known as perniosis or chilblains, characteristically presents as painful or itchy raised spots on the fingers or toes lasting more than 24 hours. While it is most commonly seen on the feet, it can be found on fingers, as well as the ears and nose.

Primary pernio (also called idiopathic pernio) is the most common form of pernio, and is usually associated with cold temperatures, hence the common name chilblains. Secondary pernio is a associated with various systemic inflammatory diseases like lupus and sarcoidosis, as well as certain leukemias, and COVID-19 infection.