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Vetted resources and information on current public health events.

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Public Health Resources

U.S. CDC Travel Notices

Disease Surveillance

Disaster Preparedness

MSK Library Resources

Resources and information on a variety of public health topics, including disease surveillance, travel notices, and disaster preparedness
Public Health Emergencies

U.S. Public Health Emergencies

Global Public Health Emergencies

Information on the purpose of public health emergencies, both globally and in the US, including how they are determined and their function
U.S. Diseases of Concern

Invasive Group A Streptococcal Infections


West Nile Virus

Current diseases in the U.S. of epidemiological concern. Note: Most of these are are considered diseases of concern in other parts of the world as well
Global Diseases of Concern

Tuberculosis (TB)


Poliomyelitis (Polio)

Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers (eg. Ebola, Marburg, etc.)

Vector-Borne Diseases (eg. Malaria, West Nile Virus, etc.)

Current diseases of epidemiological concern across the globe

Covid-19 Trends

Covid-19 Vaccines

Covid-19 Therapeutics

Covid & Cancer


Ending the Public Health Emergency

Long-Term Impacts

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Historical & Archived Data

Information, data, resources, and literature on COVID-19, including the impacts of ending the public health emergency, Long COVID and the long-term impacts of Covid. Data trends are now severely limited.
Monkeypox (MPOX)

Global Mpox Situation

MPOX in the U.S.

Information, resources, and updates on Monkeypox (now called MPOX), including trends both globally and in the U.S.
Avian Influenza ("Bird Flu")

HPAI A(H5N1) Outbreak

Bird Flu in New York

Bird Flu in the U.S.

A(H5N1) Spillover (mammals)

Novel Influenza in Humans

Information, data, and resources on Avian Influenza ("Bird Flu"), especially the current outbreak of highly pathogentic H5N1
Viral Respiratory Infections

Influenza ("the flu")

Influenza-like Illnesses

Pandemic Influenza

Information, data, and resources on viral respiratory infections

HIV/AIDS Research

HIV/AIDS & Cancer

Information and resources on HIV/AIDS including HIV-associated cancers and current research
Opioid Epidemic Information for Providers & First Responders Information, data, and resources on the opioid epidemic in the US, including information for healthcare providers and first responders
Climate Crisis

Climate Disasters

Impacts of Climate Change

Climate & Pathogens

Air Quality

IPCC Assessment

Climate Treaties

The Anthropocene

Sustainable Living

Resources, News, & Evidence

Information, data, news, and resources on climate change, including climate disasters, and the impacts of climate on infectious disease, air quality (pollution) and the long-term ecological impacts
The State of Our Health

Healthy People Initiative

Health Disparities

Life Expectancy

Information, data, and resources on health and healthcare in the United States, including the Health, United States Annual Report 2020-2021, the Healthy People 2030 initiative, health disparities/health equity, social determinants of health, and the recent decline in life expectancy

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