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Critical Care Medicine

Library resources and services especially for critical care medicine


Welcome to the Critical Care Medicine Guide!

I designed this guide to provide you with hand picked library resources and support specifically for critical care. If you have questions about this guide, or suggestions for things I can add, please contact me!

Your Research Informationist,

Lindsay Boyce | 646-643-4981

Table of Contents

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MSK Library

Library Services

Research & Publishing

Remote Access




MSK Library resources and services, with a focus on critical care medicine, including textbooks and journals, education, research, and publishing
Point of Care Mobile Applications Point of Care tools, including both evidence-based and expert-based, as well as calculators, and apps for mobile devices
Critical Care Nursing

Evidence Based Practice


Information and resources for ICU nurses, including evidence based practice, N-CARE projects, databases, books, and journals
Critical Care Literature

Search Strategies


Finding Literature

Find literature on a variety of critical care topics, including curated search strategies, RSS feeds, and resources like My NCBI (PubMed), as well as information and resources on how to find literature and conduct searches for patient care and research
Citation Management

Choosing a Citation Manager

Discover available citation management software, tutorials, collaboration. Including information on MSK site licenses and subscriptions for citation management tools.
Infectious Diseases in the ICU

Common Infections in the ICU

Uncommon Infections in the ICU

Infections in Cancer Patients

Hospital-Acquired Infections

Infection Control

ID Textbooks

ID Journals

Information and resources on infectious diseases, including infection types and modes of transmission, notifiable diseases, common and rare infections in the ICU, HAIs, infection control, and infectious disease textbooks and journals

Health Emergencies & Disaster Preparedness

Current Disease Outbreaks & Alerts

Post-COVID Conditions

Post-COVID Secondary Infections

Disaster Preparedness

MSK Disaster Preparedness

Information and resources on emergent diseases of epidemiological concern, disease surveillance, public health emergencies, post-COVID conditions and secondary infections, as well as resources on disaster preparedness both externally and MSK internal resources.